Rocksmith goes metal in upcoming DLC pack

If you ever wanted to learn your way around some heavy metal songs, look no further than the guitar training you’ll get in the upcoming downloadable content from Rocksmith. The Megadeth Song Pack DLC includes the songs “Hanger 18,” “Public Enemy No 1,” and “Symphony of Destruction.”

The pack will be available on Dec. 13 via the PlayStation Networking and Xbox Live. Each track will cost you $2.99 or you can pick up the entire pack for $7.99. While three bucks may seem like a lot for a single song, you can think of it more as a three dollar guitar lesson. Look for more song packs as Ubisoft continues to support its guitar game. Not familiar with Rocksmith? Check our review to see why we think this is one of the best games for musicians, or those interested in learning the six string.