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UPDATE – Rockstar Acquires Crackdown 2 Developer Ruffian Games And Rebrands It As Rockstar Dundee


Update 14/10 13:13 – Rockstar has now confirmed the acquisition of Ruffian Games and the rebranding of the developer as Rockstar Dundee. What Rockstar Dundee are now working on is not clear, but the team is just over 40 people.

Original StoryRockstar Games has acquired the developers of Crackdown 2, Ruffian Games, and rebranded them as Rockstar Dundee a new report from TheGamer states.

This marks yet another addition to the Rockstar Games brand of studios, with Rockstar Dundee undoubtedly helping with work on Grand Theft Auto VI or whatever title Rockstar have planned after that.

The studio may also help with bringing content to Grand Theft Auto Online, which is still just as popular as ever, and the struggling Red Dead Online. The studio did start a hiring spree in August 2020 for work on projects which were being developed in partnership with Rockstar, so this acquisition isn’t entirely surprising.

Ruffian Games hasn’t done too much recently, with their last big titles being two Kinect games, work on the Masterchief Collection, and the disappointing Crackdown 3. Let’s hope that what they are working on at Rockstar is of a higher quality and from a more anticipated franchise than those titles were.

Source – [TheGamer]