Giveaways LA Noire PS4 PS4 Pro

Rockstar giving away stunning gold PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch

rockstar la noire ps4 pro

Rockstar is giving away LA Noire-inspired PS4 Pro and Xbox One consoles, as well as pimped up versions of Nintendo Switch and PC.

To coincide with the release of LA Noire, “we're giving away a series of unique, custom-made, exclusive L.A. Noire themed consoles to four lucky winners,” writes Rockstar on the official site.

Rockstar PS4 Pro giveaway starts December 8

There’s only one of each being giving away, and entry comes in the form of a sweepstake so anyone can win.

la noire ps4 pro giveaway

The action begins between now and December 7 with the chance to pick up the custom LA Noire Xbox One X. Between 8-14 December you can win the LA Noire PS4 Pro. The entry period to win a unique Nintendo Switch is December 15-21, and finally you can pick up a swanky new PC between December 22-28.

You’ll need a Rockstar Social Club account to enter, and simply need to visit the Sweepstakes page for your chance to win.

Check the rules and terms and conditions before you enter.

  • Beasley2K

    The black and gold theme is nice, but it’a a shame that they’re LA Noire branded. It’s a good game, but dated and certainly not worth special editions. They’re really trying hard to promote and milk this re-release.

  • justerthought

    The timing of this promo is very suspect. It looks like it’s an afterthought being rushed out due to poor sales of the L.A. Noire Remaster. What did they expect. The upgrade is just not big enough to warrant a purchase. I would have been all over this if had got a GTAV level of upgrade and paid full price. It was a good game but not outstanding, so a promo painting the remaster Gold is effectively trying to polish a turd.