Rocksteady Superman game rumoured – announcement in Game Informer?

The developer behind the Batman Arkham video game franchise is reportedly working on a Superman title, according to a new rumor circulating on 4Chan.

The website claims that Game Informer is going to announce the new project as part of its December issue, and that it’ll feature the Man of Steel.

Game Informer cover game will be revealed next week. It will be Rocksteady’s Superman game. The scale and the ambition of the game is massive, you all will be blown away by the details. Can’t wait to see your reaction, lads.”

Rocksteady has yet to officially confirm its next project, though it has teased that fans will “lose their minds” when they finally clap eyes on it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard murmurs of a Superman game from Rocksteady, however. Batman: Arkham Knight contained an easter egg that may hint at the identity of the studio’s next project.

Rocksteady achieved critical and commercial success with the Arkham franchise, having worked on it since 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. However, 2015’s Arkham Knight is widely believed to be their last stab at crafting games based around The Dark Knight. 

Source: ComicBook