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Rogue Company Update 1.93 Adds Rambo & King Cobra

First Watch Games has lifted the wraps off the Rogue Company update 1.93 patch notes for your to gawk at, which is a major addition bringing the likes of Rambo and King Cobra to the game. You can read up on the full Rogue Company patch notes below.

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That’s right! In our 2.3 update we go to war with the help of none other than one of the most prolific action heroes to date: John Rambo!

In this update, play as seeker to give the other rogues a war they won’t believe with all new John Rambo cosmetic content and Rambo themed contracts.

Rambo Bundle (2000 RB)

Legendary Rambo Seeker Skin
Rogue: Seeker
Law of the Jungle Mythic Sahara Weapon Skin
Snake Catcher Mythic Combat Knife Skin

Rambo Accessory Bundle (1000 RB)

  • Never Enough Revenge Legendary Animated Banner
  • One Man Army Epic Emote
  • Jungle Assassin Epic Primary Weapon Wrap
  • Jungle Assassin Epic Secondary Weapon Wrap
  • Jungle Assassin Epic Melee Weapon Wrap

Rambo Contracts and Rewards

  • Deal 2000 Explosive Damage
  • Lethal Soldier Epic Border
  • Down 100 Enemies with Seeker
  • Aim True Epic Banner
  • Hit 10 Enemies with Seeker’s Bow
  • Become War Legendary Animated Avatar
  • Get 25 Multi-kills
  • Don’t Push it Epic Spray
  • Earn a First Blood Medal
  • First Blood Epic Title
  • Complete all Rambo Objectives
  • Jungle Cobra Epic Wingsuit


EXPERIMENTAL Feature: Human Backfill

This feature is design to allow players to join matches that are in progress, allowing players to Save The Day whenever matches have players who leave midway through a match. Players who join such matches will be reward the maximum amount of reputation and experience that could be achieved in the full match, ensuring that your time is rewarded. With this feature, we hope to address uneven matches that tend to happen for our players.

That being said, this feature is experimental. We’ve worked diligently to build up this feature and, to ensure quality, we are wanting to put it out into the wild under observation and in a controlled environment outside of our internal testing. What that will mean is that at the start of this update, Human Backfill will only be active for our casual Demolition queue in the first hour or so. Over that first day, we will slowly enable it for other game modes and see how it ramps up. As you potentially encounter this feature in the wild, we hope to hear more feedback in how it improves the health of matches in your day-to-day sessions.


We have added Meltdown, Palace and Skyfell to our core TDM game mode. This will bring the TDM map pool up to 13. However, we are aware that this leaves out The Arena and Glacier from the rotation. At this time those maps do not satisfy the level of enjoyment we set for 6v6 TDM but we hope to potentially find solutions to that problem in the future. Your patience is appreciated and your feedback is always valuable.


In this update, we are adding a much-requested feature: you may now queue with up to 6 friends for our 6v6 game modes. This will be available on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch due to game mode size restrictions.


In many of our game modes, our players are jumping head/feet first into a hot zone. We found that those players who linger in the drop-ships a bit too long run the risk of getting downed will still deciding what perk to buy. We introduced a change that protects our players while they are inside of the Chimera or the Manticore. That being said, we are also making sure that you do not linger for too long. You’ll need to jump into the fight sooner rather than later!


As with any game, we are sure that our players have encountered unsavory, toxic and/or just outright unfair players. While we have long had a Report feature, our players would often ask us if reporting a player was meaningful. In this update, we will notify you when action has been taken against reported players. Keep up the good fight in making our community the best it can be!


LR15 Fullbody

  • Level 3 upgrade Damage Falloff removed
  • NEW Level 3 upgrade: Increases scoped movement speed and headshot damage


  • Level 3 upgrade Damage Falloff removed
  • NEW Level 3 upgrade: Reduces recoil and increases headshot damage.


  • Increased fire rate
  • We hit the KA30 a few patches in a row in an attempt to push it further towards a more wild, hard to control, but high damage style. This is a buff to help bring it closer to it’s new identity and balance out some of the other nerfs the weapon has recently seen.


  • Decreased Fire rate slightly
  • Increased Bloom slightly
  • We like the hefty feel the Sahara brings to the mid-range AR’s, but felt it was a bit too accurate for the wicked good damage it deals. Tweaks to the fire rate and bloom of the weapon, while retaining it’s damage profile, will hopefully bring it a bit more in line.


  • Level 3 Upgrade now provides less range
  • Spread increased
  • Fire rate upgrade now provides less fire rate


  • Level 2 Upgrade now provides less range


  • Level 3 upgrade now provides less range
  • The Hydra’s third upgrade was providing too much range for what is typical of an AR range upgrade. This will help reduce the range the weapon can achieve a 4 bodyshot kill.


  • Decreased Fire Rate
  • Increased Bodyshot damage 12>13
  • Increased Headshot damage 18>19
  • The SLC has fallen a bit behind the curve against some of the other SMGs. These changes work out to be a solid TTK buff to the weapon, while at the same time making it a bit easier to control. The SLC has one of the most aggressive recoil patterns in the game, so we want it to have an aggressive TTK to make it rewarding to players who can tame the beast.


  • Increased Headshot damage at all ranges
  • Slightly reduced fire rate
  • These changes will help push the LMPX more towards its role as a “headshot optimal” SMG. The slight fire rate reduction puts its bodyshot ttk in the back of the pack, while the headshot damage makes its headshot ttk best in class, at all ranges. A reduced fire rate also makes the weapon a bit easier to control, allowing you to hit heads easier.


  • Decreased headshot falloff damage at mid & long range
  • This will allow you to carry the two-tap headshot kill at further ranges
  • Decreased headshot falloff damage at long range
  • This will allow you to three-tap headshot armored targets at further ranges
  • Increased Bodyshot damage at mid range
  • This will allow you to carry the three-tap bodyshot kill a bit further out


  • Decreased bodyshot falloff damage at mid & long range
  • This will allow you to carry your four-tap bodyshot kill at all ranges

Combat Knife

Level 2 upgrade now provides more swing speed
That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!



  • Now has tenacity instead of Bounce Back
  • The master of explosives should be a little bit more resilient to them, dontcha think? Losing a source of healing hurts but we think surviving explosives on Dima can be very valuable as well. Dima’s launcher is a bit more wild in nature than something like Switchblade or even Kestrel’s drones, sometimes not even Dima knows where the launcher might hit! We’re working on better targeting feedback for all of our launchers, and we hope tenacity will be a welcome substitution for all our long time Dima mains out there!


  • Now has stalker instead of tenacity
  • We’re looking to reduce switchblades tankiness, seeing as she has both life drain and bounce back to make sure she’s often at or near full health, we think she can afford to lose tenacity. This will help further reduce the viability of shooting your launcher too close to your feet, ensuring you always take as much damage as you’re dealing at that moment to your enemies. That’s gameplay we don’t necessarily want to reward! Stalker also has a nice synergy with Switchblade’s passive, allowing her to benefit more from her increased movespeed while aiming.


  • Can now use her ability while riding a zipline


  • Can now use her ability while riding a zipline


  • Gl1tch’s ability range is now global
  • Gl1tch can no longer pull out his hacking device while the ability is used or on cooldown.
  • Gl1tch was designed to be a breacher that destroys all enemy defenses, and prevents them from placing new ones for a duration, giving his team an opportunity to strike. However, as the game matured we started to see some emergent gameplay, which is good! Unfortunately that emergent gameplay eclipsed the intended behavior of his original design. We saw Gl1tch being used more as a flanker, with the help of padded steps, merely using the hacker’s scanning capabilities to sleuth around the map gathering positional information. These changes will help push him toward his intended gameplay style.


Pop Smoke

  • Can now be used while riding a zipline


Battle Zone

  • New cloaked state of mythic crates before they are active

Team Death Match

  • Added Skyfell, Palace and Meltdown

King of the Hil

  • Hill time changed from 60 to 75 seconds
  • Number of hill moves changed from 10 to 8