Rumor: Bioshock to PS3… again?

A recent Gamepro interview with Bioshock developer Ken Levine has left the above question unanswered, but the possibility is once again open. When asked if the game will grace the PlayStation 3, Ken gave no definitive answer either way. Nonetheless, he went on to say that “right now” his team is focused on the Xbox 360 version.

Keep in mind above all else that this was the same case with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Bethesda denying the port until only a few months before releasing it on the PS3. We had the chance to talk Ken Levine, Creative Director on Bioshock, after last year’s X06 and were told that a PS3 version was in fact in development.

To tame our curiosity, PSU mailed 2k Games about the rumor just to see if anything had changed but we received the same response they’ve been spouting since last year.

"BioShock is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Games For Windows."

From what we have heard personally and the recent rumors circulating, we could expect to see this title grace the gaming scene next spring for the PS3.

PSU will keep you posted on any further information and interviews.

Source: Gamers Creed