Rumor: EA Planning to blow up E3 2012 with Dead Space 3 demo

It seems as though we’ll finally be seeing Dead Space 3 – which we’ve known about for a long time, even though it’s only recently been confirmed – at E3 2012. But that’s not all – EA is apparently prepping a demo set to blow our survival-horror-starved minds.

A source close to PSU has detailed an E3 unveil demo that’ll show off Dead Space 3’s new environments, a little bit of the plot, and new (as well as some returning) characters. 

It seems that the rumors of Dead Space 3 taking place on an ice planet are true; the demo will see Isaac Clarke making his way through a blizzard with very low visibility. Traveling form a crash site to a refuge of tent housings, Isaac will attempt to reunite with a female acquaintance, whom we’re betting is Ellie Langford (from Dead Space 2).

EA is allegedly planning on wowing audiences this year with Dead Space 3, and from the sound of it, that just might happen. Dead Space 3 is poised to be the publisher’s biggest game at the show.

That’s all we’ve been given for now, however, we’ll feed you more scuttlebutt as it comes in.