Rumor: Human Head stopped working on Prey 2 last November

According to a source close to Shacknews, development of Human Head’s Prey 2 hasn’t progressed since November 2011.

The site claims that the developer stopped working on the sequel due to a contract dispute with ZeniMax Media.

Human Head is said to have entered talks with ZeniMax Media and Bethesda to negotiate a better deal, though discussion between concerned parties allegedly collapsed in January after ZeniMax ceased communication.

Human Head is said to have let go of an undisclosed number of staff during Prey 2’s development hiatus, though it is believed they may be rehired when – and indeed if – development resumes.

As it stands, it remains unknown if Human Head will get back in the seat, or whether Bethesda may hire another developer to take over the project. Sadly, the worst case scenario is the project doesn’t get off the ground at all.

Furthermore, it has been speculated Human Head may have another game in the works following its alleged teasing of a follow-up to Rune.

It emerged yesterday that Prey 2 was still in development despite rumors of its cancellation, though wouldn’t make it out in 2012.