Rumor: PS4 has half the RAM, but faster and more efficient, vs. Xbox 720

The latest smattering of rumors regarding Sony’s next-generation PlayStation paint a rosy picture of the system’s potential performance, placing it alongside the Xbox 720 in technical circles of the Internet.

The details come courtesy of VGLeaks, which claims to have garnered exclusive information from developers in possession of PS4 alpha kits. The PS4’s CPU supposedly sports four AMD x86 cores comprised of two pairs, each running at 3.2 GHz. Additional information on both the CPU and GPU is provided, but an important point of comparison with Durango specs appears under "Memory", where VGLeaks claims that the PS4 will carry at least 2 GB of RAM (possibly 4 GB). Snoops at NeoGAF have compared this number with the rumored 8 GB of RAM planned for Xbox 720.

However, an important distinction lies in the type of RAM on offer. Each of the PS4’s 2-4 GB will be GDDR5 RAM, which is notably faster and more efficient at graphics processing than the DDR3 or DDR4 expected to feature in Xbox 720. NeoGAF techies estimate that this disparity will thus even out, with PS4’s memory speed likely compensating for Xbox 720’s larger amount (and vice versa)

The flow of rumors and interpretation is ongoing, so keep checking back to PSU as we monitor the situation and report the most important details to you.