Rumor: PS4 to be called PS Omni, out September 2013

The chaps at Dual Pixels have unearthed a series of tantalizing  – albeit unconfirmed – chunks of information on Sony’s upcoming next-generation console, codenamed Orbis.

According to the site’s source, the machine won’t in fact be named the PlayStation 4 as previously speculated; instead it’ll be called the PlayStation Omni. The hardware will be “very capable” of pumping out visuals comparable to Direct X 11 technology, such as the Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2.

As expected, the Omni will indeed be technically superior to the Wii U, though the leap won’t be quite as significant as some would have expected. In fact, the same source puts the new Xbox as more powerful than Sony’s next home console.

One of the more prominent features of the new hardware will be the omniviewer. This comes in the shape of a ‘slick’ head-mounted autosteroptic display designed to track the user’s head and presents a 360 image view with semi-transparent AMOLED screens.

This will essentially transform your bog-standard TV into a 3D compatible behemoth, in addition to throwing in augmented reality information outside of the screen. Meanwhile, the Omni’s new controller will have pulse sensors in the grips for biofeedback gameplay. No word on whether it’ll take the shape of the classic DualShock or the recently rumored Duo-Move pad, however.

Sony is apparently prepping a 160GB system with controller for $350-$399, and another pack including the omniviewer and a single game for $450-$499. The company is targeting a September 2013 release, which is slightly earlier than previous reports have indicated.

In terms of software, next-generation versions of Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Killzone and WipEout are in the works, alongside something called Omni  Fitness as well as a new Media Molecule title.

Hit the link for more juicy gossip and stay tuned to for more details. Take everything above with a pinch of salt though, as this is strictly rumor for now.

via Zelda Informer (thanks to member CloudStrife37 for the tip)