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Rumor: Sony showing two unannounced games behind close doors at E3 2015

Sony will be bringing two unannounced games to show off at E3 2015 in a behind-closed-doors session, according to a well-known industry insider.

‘Shinobi602’ took to NeoGAF (via GamingBolt) to report that the two unannouned games will be shown off at the Los Angeles-based games show, and noted that they may not just be restricted to a showing behind close doors. In other words, they could show up at Sony’s press conference, too.

He also claims that the new Mirror’s Edge will be putting in an appearance at E3, and that both Sony and Microsoft will offer up stellar press conferences.

Elsewhere, Tidux on Twitter claims that a heap of new indie titles will be announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, although didn’t specify if they would be unveiled at E3 or not.

Sony boss Andrew House has teased that we can expect an ‘exciting show‘ for this year’s E3, so hopefully that includes the presense of the two unannounced titles mentioned by the insider.

Stay tuned.