Rumor: The Last Guardian is a PS4 release

A former Sony employee has claimed that Team ICO’s The Last Guardian has been targeted as a PlayStation 4 release for ‘a long time now.’

Writing on NeoGAF, Kenny Linder, formally of Bigbig Studios, revealed that although the game is being prepped for release on Sony’s next-generation console, he wasn’t sure if it would be a launch title.

“It’s been PS4 for a long time now,” said Linder. “I don’t know, but I know it’s been in development on Orbis for a long time now. Its platform has been questionable for nearly two years, but the last time it was restarted (it’s been restarted a number of times), it was moved to Orbis.”

The Last Guardian has been in development for over five years now, and was originally showcased at Sony’s E3 2009 press conference. The game has seen numerous delays, though Sony always maintained it was still in the works for PS3.

Creator Fumito Ueda said earlier this week that the game remains in development, and that fans should “keep an eye out” for an official announcement. This has resulted in speculation that the game will be re-revealed for PS4 at the PlayStation Meeting in NYC next week.

The Last Guardian sees gamers controlling a young boy as he attempts to escape from a castle-like environment. Aiding him in his journey however will be a large, Griffin-like creature known as Trico (the game’s working title). In addition to combating enemy soldiers and solving puzzles, players must also care for their creature companion by feeding him and tending to its wounds.

Stay tuned to for more details.

via Gematsu