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Rumour — Sony Developing New PlayStation Handheld; Is Powered By AMD And Compatible With PS5 & PS4 Games

According to a report on Moore’s Law Is Dead on YouTube, Sony is in the early stages of developing a new PlayStation handheld powered by AMD.

It is claimed the new handheld will support both PS5 & PS4 titles, and is currently in the High Level Design Phase; in other words, it’s at least two years off and hasn’t even been given the green light for a full release. Sony hasn’t released a dedicated handheld since the PS Vita in December 2011, so this will be the hardware manufacturer’s latest attempt to get back into the handheld market.

The YouTube video speculates that, in order to play PS4 games via the PlayStation Store, the new device is likely to utilise 18 CUs. As it is also compatible with PS5 games, it is also thought that the GPU will clock in at 1.8GHz or slower due to the variable clock speeds in Sony’s current-generation machine.

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According to Moore’s Law is Dead, it has been stated that the handheld may be part of the PS6 hardware family, and therefore may end up taking far longer to see the light of day.

We probably don’t need to say this, but all this should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. Sony hasn’t made anything official about plans to re-enter the handheld market, and it seems unlikely at this point given the dominance of mobile devices and Nintendo formats.

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