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Rumour – The Next Tomb Raider Game Is Said To Be Open-World, Set In India

The next entry in the Tomb Raider series is coming from Crystal Dynamics, at some point. We don’t exactly know when, or much about it yet, but we know that it’s still on its way.

A rumour that appeared on Friday from Twitter user thevscooper who has previously been right with their predictions claiming that the next Tomb Raider game will be an open-world game set in India.

To deal with the open-world setting, players will allegedly be able to ride around on a motorcycle, make use of a parachute, on top of her established parkouring skills.

It should be noted that while thevscooper has been right in the past, best to still take this with a grain of salt, and hold in the back of your mind the potential that it could be open-world for when the official reveal does arrive.

Which could likely be soon, considering that the season of publishers showcasing their biggest games is right around the corner.

Source – [thevscooper via Insider Gaming]