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SAG-AFTRA Members To Speak Out For Better Protections Around A.I. At The Game Awards

In an email sent to PSU, SAG-AFTRA union members confirmed they would be “leafleting” outside the Peacock Theatre, host of The Game Awards, tonight, speaking out for better protections against A.I.

Specifically, the members will be getting the word out for “protections on the use of A.I. for all aspects of performance, meaningful wage increases and on-set safety protections.”

If you thought that the SAG-AFTRA strike was done, then you’d be right, because those who will be at the Peacock tonight want to make it clear that they are “not on strike, and we are not picketing, however a strike still remains an option if need be.”

The distinction here is that the members who will be out tonight fall under a different contract, the Interactive Media Agreement (IMA) which is the agreement that all the voice actors and motion-capture actors you hear and play as in every game sign.

Their deal has yet to properly be modified, as it expired last year, though negotiations on the deal were delayed when both sides agreed to a one-year extension.

“Our presence at this event is to let the gaming community know that the issues we are facing are not ‘single-player'” SAG-AFTRA said in an email.

“The protections we are seeking on the use of A.I. for all performances, meaningful wages, and on-set safety protections are at the core of all of our livelihoods and what we are fighting for.”

The email continued, “We ask you to keep us in mind as we end the year, still – without an agreement with video game employers. We are NOT on strike, and we are not picketing, however, a strike still remains an option if need be.

We want our voices heard for the Union and ALL game workers. We continue to seek fairness in our work and our ability to keep doing what we love without being displaced by AI technology and with better wages and safety as our priorities.”

These actors going on strike could cause a significant wrench in the development schedules of plenty of games currently being worked on, if a new deal can’t soon be agreed upon.

Striking remains an option after the vote to potentially authorize a strike and keep it an option in negotiations passed with a staggering 98.32% of members voting yes to keep striking an open possibility.

Source – [SAG-AFTRA]