Sail to Sogport in Tearaway’s latest trailer

Your journey in Tearaway, the latest game from Media Molecule, will take you to wonderful locations like Sogport, a mysterious island isolated in a deep sea of glue. Scattered across the foggy landscape of Sogport are deep forests, a spooky research facility, a pirate-themed harbor town, and a grassland said to be home to terrifying wildlife, like the Wendigos encountered in our hands-on impressions. The fascinating island of Sogport is the focus of Tearaway’s latest trailer, posted below.


Tearaway will make full use of PS Vita’s unique controls, allowing players to push objects, make Iota bounce, cut through the environment, shout at the screen, punch fingers through the screen to kill enemies, and import photographs to the game world. The beautifully-crafted 3D environment is built entirely out of paper that behaves with the real-world physics of actual paper material.

Tearaway is planned for a 2013 release, exclusively on PS Vita.