Saints Row Undercover footage unveiled, check out the canceled PSP game in action

Footage of the canceled PlayStation Portable, Saints Row Undercover, has been unveiled by developer Volition.

The studio confirmed that the project initially started out as a port of Saints Row 2, although it quickly evolved into its own game after Volition realised that it wouldn’t be possible to get a port up and running on Sony’s last-generation handheld.

Originally known as Saints Row: The Fall before adopting the Undercover subtitle, the game was ultimately scrapped in 2009. According to Volition’s Mike Watson, Undercover was left on the cutting room floor as it was being handled by an outside developer, with both the studio and THQ feeling “it wasn’t really living up to what a Saints Row game could and should be.”

Check out the footage of the game in action below.

While Undercover sadly didn’t see the light of day, Saints Row has gone on to achieve great success on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with Saints Row: The Third taking the series into even more overblown territory before reaching the apex of absurdity with Saints Row IV and the subsequent expansion, Gat Out of Hell. 

The franchise has also found its way to current-gen consoles in the shape of Saints Row IV: Re-elected, a remastered version of 2013’s fourth entry in the open-world series. As of September 2013, Saints Row has sold over 13 million copies worldwide since its inception in 2006.

The future of the series remains undecided at present, with no news on a possible Saints Row V having materialised as of early 2016.

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