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Samurai Adventurer Trek To Yomi Receives Cinematic Launch Trailer

Trek to Yomi, the classic samurai movie-inspired adventurer romp from Flying Wild Hog, is out tomorrow, which means we’ve got a launch trailer for you to tuck into.

Check out the Trek to Yomi launch trailer.

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Featuring a striking aesthetic that is inspired by classic samurai movies, Trek to Yomi follows a Horki, a young swordsman who takes up the task of protecting his town as a vow to his dying master. Players will engage in stylish combat against supernatural forces, with weapons based around traditional samurai paired with a streamlined battle system.

Set in feudal Japan, Trek to Yomi oozes cinematic appeal thanks to its dramatic camera angles and accompanying soundtrack, as players follow Hiroki embarks on his mission to save the people he has sworn to protect.

Trek to Yomi is due out tomorrow for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.