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Satirical PSVR Game “The American Dream” Has Artwork Used By Far-Right Social Media Website


The American Dream is a PSVR game that released all the way back in 2018 and features a satirical take on the traditional ‘American Dream’ by giving everyone guns and showcasing how they can be “valuable” at various points throughout your life.

Well, a social media website, called Gab, known for its far-right audience and userbase has shared the artwork for the game on Twitter with the caption “Our way of life must be preserved.” But, whoever posted this tweet seems to be totally oblivious to the satirical nature of the game and probably just pulled the image from Google. The game actually mocks the USA’s love of firearms.

Whilst not exactly an important story, it is nonetheless quite funny and shows just why you should do your research before using images from the internet as they may not hold the meaning you originally thought.

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The American Dream is available now on PSVR and is playable on PSVR via backwards compatibility.