SCEA planning to go mobile

SCEA have reportedly stated they want to start a mobile business in Europe, according to Mobile Entertainment magazine. To gamers this means that a bunch of first party games could be coming to mobile phones and other portable devices similar to PSP in ways.

Mobile Entertainment stated that This Is Football, The Getaway and Primal are 3 games that could be hitting the mobile business. The magazine also stated that Sony could be planning to bring SingStar and EyeToy brands into the portable world in some sort of way as well but is uncertain at this point. This is only a few of the games that SCEA is planning to bring but Mobile Entertainment failed to mention any other names.

In hopes of bringing the company into the mobile business world Sony has appointed THQ Wireless executive Balbir Blugan to lead the portion of the business. Along with him leading, Sony is also planning to team up with Codemasters, Konami and Sega to help things get going. The alliance would only be for short term as SCEE is planning to have a full fledged mobile entertainment business on their own.

As of now the movement hasn’t been much but Sony is confident in expanding the PlayStation brand to other categories other than just consoles. We can label this as a rumor for now but we all can start to see how important the mobile entertainment portion of the industry is becoming more important to all companies. Sony has already stepped in portable entertainment with PSP and Sony phones, but has yet to face such a task like this.

Source: N4G