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Sci-fi RPG The Technomancer gets a new trailer in time for E3 2016

If you’ve a thing for sci-fi RPG’s with bucketloads of narrative choice, things to kill and loot to score than Focus Home Interactive might just have what you’re looking for as the publisher has released the latest trailer for their genre effort, The Technomancer, ahead of E3 2016 next week.

For the unitiated, The Technomancer takes place some two-hundred years after the human colonisation of Mars, whereupon water is practically non-existent and a collection of corrupt corporations and mercenary outfits vie for control over what’s left. 

A third-person action RPG, The Technomancer bares a fair bit of resemblence to Bioware’s Mass Effect as players can choose different classes, specialise in different skills and choose multiple dialogue choices in a variety of different conversations with the game’s cast of characters.

There’s no real gameplay in the trailer but it does do a decent job of showing off the story and general Mad Max style vibe that the game looks to encompass.

The Technomancer is currently due to release on PS4 sometime later this year.

You can catch the E3 2016 trailer for The Technomancer below.