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SEGA Is Celebrating All Things Shadow The Hedgehog With Fearless: Year Of Shadow

Shadow the Hedgehog is getting a major promotion push this year with SEGA’s Fearless: Year of Shadow campaign, which will feature a number of activities surrounding the character ahead of his appearance in the third Sonic the Hedgehog movie in December.

First up, a Shadow-themed motorcycle will be appearing at MotoGP Fan Zone in Austin, Texas this weekend and will show up in the UK in August. Sonic Forces and Sonic Dash meanwhile will add special events where you can unlock Super Shadow, Vampire Shadow, Sir Lancelot, and Dragon Hunter Lancelot.

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Finally, the Sonic Symphony World Tour will update its set list to feature original scores based on Shadow the Hedgehog, which will be accompanied “alongside some of his coolest moments on screen.”

Beyond that, SEGA is also releasing Sonic X Shadow Generations, an updated version of PS3’s Sonic Generations featuring Shadow in an all-new campaign.

Shadow the Hedgehog was introduced in Sonic Adventure 2 but received a standalone game in 2005 that featured the use of firearms and nonlinear gameplay.