Sega Rally developer praises PS3 hardware

The director of SEGA’s Sega Racing Studio, Guy Wilday, recently commented on the company’s efforts with the PlayStation 3 iteration of Sega Rally Revo, praising Sony’s latest piece of hardware as highly “innovative.”

During an interview with, Wilday commented, "Sony always create very technically innovative hardware and always have. PlayStation 3 is no different in that respect.”

However, Wilday conceded that for the moment at least, he feels the Xbox 360 is “simpler” to develop for, citing the fact developers have yet to get to grips with the PlayStation 3’s demanding architecture.

“The flipside of very innovative hardware is that it takes you a while to get up to speed with it”, explained Wilday. “The learning curve is steeper in that you have to get into it and understand exactly what the benefits are, and understand exactly how to do certain things to get the most out of the platform.”

Despite this, he noted that the upcoming Sega Rally Revo “looks identical” when subjecting both versions of the game to a side by side comparsion. "We’ve sat them side by side and you’re really hard-pushed to tell the difference. I think that’s a testament to where you are with both platforms”, he concluded.

Sega Rally Revo for PlayStation 3 is scheduled to ship in North America on September 25th, with a European release date yet to be determined.