Senran Kagura producer wants to make a game attractive to girls

senran kagura male version

If you’re familiar with the Senran Kagura series, then you know it’s a game that targets a specific demographic of gamers, and really isn’t something you’d play if you were a heterosexual female.

This thought isn’t lost on the Senran Kagura developers as producer Kenichiro Takaki admits that he does want to make a game that’s attractive to females, though he doesn’t "completely understand" what female fans want. Takaki says that he wants to investigate on what they’re (females) are looking for a game for first before starting a project focused on that audience.

If you want to see "gameplay" of the latest entry in the series, Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash, then go check it out here. Fair bit of warning though, it might be NSFW, or just something you don’t want your mom or significant other to see you watch while they’re there.

Do you think the developers can make a Senran Kagura game focused on the female audience? Is it as easy as making featuring musclebound men in skimpy Speedos? I doubt that, but who knows. 

Source: DualShockers