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Shadow of the Colossus PS4 – Gaius Boss Battle Guide And Location

Shadow of the Colossus Gaius Boss Battle Guide

Find out how to beat Gaius in Shadow of the Colossus, and make light work of taking down this hulking, great knight.

Check out the following Shadow of the Colossus boss battle guide, and find out the location of Gaius as we tell you how to defeat arguably the first tough boss in Team Ico's action adventure on PS4

Shadow of the Colossus Gaius Location on PS4

Gaius is one of 16 colossi in Shadow of the Colossus. Leave the shrine on your horse Agro and take out your beam sword.

  1. Activate the sword and scan around until the light beams all centralize onto one point - that's the direction you need to be heading, towards the Shrine of Worship.
  2. You'll cross the same stone bridge where you came across the second colossus, but this time instead of going down the branching path, you need to head up by bearing left.
  3. Keep going until you discover a lake. See that ramp pointing out of the water. You need to swim over to it and climb up it. Keep heading up and you'll need to jump to the platform. Simply, keep walking around and you'll trigger a cut-scene when you come across the set of stairs.

It's time to face Gaius!

shadow of the colossus gaius

How to beat Gaius in Shadow of the Colossus

Gaius will swing his sword at you and crush you, and can also stomp on you!

  1. You want Gaius to break that stone platform, which you can see in the center of the battle arena. You'll see it just behind where he's standing at the beginning of the fight.
  2. You need to draw him slightly away from the platform, which you can do by running around, but don't get too close. Then go and stand on the platform and let him come for you.
  3. As he starts to swing, move out of the way and he'll smash a part of the circle. This can be tricky to get him into the right position, so you might have to make him move a little bit further from the circle. Simply, do this by running around again and drawing him away.
  4. When he hits the circle he'll chip away at his own armor making him vulnerable.
  5. Once his sword is down, jump up it and run up his sword. You can grab onto the side of his sword by pressing R1. Climb up his hairy arms, up his back and get on top of his head. This is his first weak spot, which you should attack. You can take a break and regain stamina by resting in a safe spot on his back. Keep attacking this spot until it's done!
  6. Now, climb down to this stomach where you'll find the second weak spot. There's a platform that you can run around to get to it easily. Keep attacking it until he's finished!