Shadow of the Beast release date confirmed, runs at 60fps on PS4

Heavy Spectrum has announced that Shadow of the Beast will be unleashed for PlayStation 4 on May 17.

The studio confirmed that the extra development team on the game, which is a reimagining of the original retro action classic, has allow them to get the title up to a solid 60fps on Sony’s current-generation console.

"We’ve finally reached the point where we have to stop putting things into the game – the last tweaks to combat have been made and the final Easter eggs are hidden for you to find," commented Heavy Spectrum CEO and founder, Matt Birch. Heavy Spectrum. "So now we are focused solely on fixing bugs and getting Shadow of the Beast ready to appear on PlayStation Store."

"Our small team has been using the extra time to the fullest – we’ve been able to push the game to a solid 60fps throughout, something we feel passionate about as fans of the fighting genre," wrote Birch. "With the increased response time that comes with this we’ve been fine tuning the combat experience even more; upgrading Aarbron to the full extent of his abilities and equipping him with some of the mystic artefacts that you find will really add much more depth to the gameplay. It feels quite different to other combat-adventure games, but hopefully people will find it very rewarding!"

Shadow of the Beast was originally released on the Amiga back in 1989. The PS4 revival will follow the same premise as the 80s classic, combining action and platform elements as players control Aabron; a powerful warrior corrupted by magic as a child, allowing him to transform into a deadly creature in combat.