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Shenmue 3 is the fastest game on Kickstarter to hit $1 million

Yu Suzuki and Sony’s upcoming Shenmue 3 has become the fastest video game on Kickstarter to reach the $1 million milestone, reports CNET.

The action-adventure sequel was confirmed as being in development for PlayStation 4 and PC via the crowdfunding initiative during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference earlier today. However, in as little as two hours, the game amassed over $1 million of its minimum goal of $2 million.

In addition, the hotly anticipated title is also the second fastest Kickstarter project of all time to hit the one million milestone. 

Shenmue 3 is the continuation of a series that began on SEGA’s Dreamcast back in 1999, and Suzuki-san has been wanting to complete the game for over a decade now.

However, various reaches such as budget restrictions and the fact the original games didn’t exactly set tills alight meant that Shenmue 3 has been stuck in development hell for the better part of 14 years.