Should the PS4 have a new name? 86% of PS3 gamers think not

With Microsoft reportedly thinking up a fancy new name for its next-gen Xbox, it made us wonder: should Sony follow suit and come up with something more inventive than just plain old PlayStation 4?

After a survey conducted with PlayStation Universe readers, we discovered that PlayStation owners would actually be happier if Sony kept it simple. Our poll revealed that 86 percent of readers would prefer the name ‘PlayStation 4’, while only 8 percent said they would prefer something more in line with the name of Sony’s handheld, PlayStation Vita. 6 percent said they would like to Sony dump the PlayStation name altogether.

Despite the overwhelming majority of PlayStation fanatics wanting Sony to keep the basic numerical system for naming the new console, we still have a sneaky (if unconfirmed) suspicion that the next PlayStation will have a fancy name that brings it more in line with the company’s plans for making all of its devices connected in one way or another, like a huge PlayStation Universe. Hey, now there’s a good name?


There was a rumour some time ago that Sony may call the PS4 ‘Orbis.’ ‘Orbis’ is the latin for orbit, ring, or circle, which would tie in very nicely with the idea of connectivity. It’s also worth noting that the number 4 is very unlucky according to Japanese superstition and manufacturers rarely brand their products with that number. Check out this piece of information.

"There are several unlucky numbers in Japanese. Traditionally, 4 and 9 are unlucky. Four is sometimes pronounced shi, which is also the word for death. Because of these unlucky numbers, sometimes levels or rooms with 4 or 9 in them don’t exist in hospitals or hotels."

The question is: is Sony superstitious? Of course the company could get around this issue by simply ensuring that the branding of the next console doesn’t contain the actual number but instead the word ‘four.’ We’ve seen examples of Japanese developers avoiding this superstition with a few games, including Mario Party Four.

Personally, we really think that Sony will switch things up and move away from the numerical system in an attempt to deliver a fresh and exciting marketing message and to attract a new audience as well as the core PlayStation gamers. Until the next-gen console is officially announced though, who knows what will happen?