Shuhei Yoshida excited for Quantic Dream’s PS4 game despite Beyond reviews

The president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) has said he’s still ‘excited’ for Quantic Dream’s PlayStation 4 title despite mixed reviews for Beyond: Two Souls.

Writing on Twitter, Shuhei Yoshida indicated that he perhaps wasn’t as taken with the supernatural adventure as some of us, including, which awarded the title 9.5/10.

“…so I visited David [Cage] at [Quantic Dream’s] office in Paris,” he said, “shared my honest feedback with Beyond, reassured how much I’m excited with his next project.”

Beyond: Two Souls features Hollywood heavyweights Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, and chronicles 15 years of the life of Page’s character, Jodie Holmes, as she comes to term with the supernatural entity known as Aiden that has accompanied her for years.

Quantic Dream has confirmed it is working on a game for PS4, but details have yet to be revealed on the project. However, the studio did showcase a brand new tech demo, The Dark Sorcerer, at E3 in June to showcase the power of Sony’s next-generation console.