Silent Hill 2 Cheats

Silent Hill 2 Cheats


Complete the game on Normal mode (including the riddle setting) and then start a new game on your existing file; the weapon can be found embedded in a pile of logs near the cemetery. The Chainsaw is a powerful melee weapon capable of dealing major damage to enemies, although it is quite cumbersome to use.

Hidden Options Menu:

Open the options screen and press L1 + R1.

Extra Riddle Difficulty:

Complete the game on all existing riddle difficulty settings (Easy, Normal and Hard) and start another game on Hard mode. You will find that the puzzles have changed and are even more complicated than before.

Obtaining the Leave Ending:

Ensure the following requirements are met during the game:

  • Listen to the entire conversation in the hallway near the end of the game
  • Examine Mary’s picture and letter a few times
  • Heal James’ wounds as soon as he takes damage
  • Exceed your maximum health limit
  • Do not stay close to Maria during the times where you accompany her in the game
  • Do not try to return to the Blue Creek apartment building once you leave

Obtaining the Maria Ending:

Ensure the following requirements are met during the game:

  • Attempt to re-enter Maria’s jail cell after James stumbles upon her corpse inside
  • Stay close to Maria while accompanying her through the game
  • Revisit the room where Maria is taking a nap in the Hospital
  • Ensure Maria does not take too much damage


  • Do not try to return to Nathan Avenue after you investigate the bowling ally
  • Do not examine Mary’s picture or letter
  • Do not venture far from Maria when she is in your company
  • Do not bump into Maria when you are accompanying her during the game

Obtaining the In Water Ending:

Ensure the following requirements are met during the game:

  • Examine Angela’s knife regularly once it is in your possession
  • Read the diary located on the roof of the Hospital
  • Survive much of the game on low health
  • Listen to the entire hallway conversation at the end of the game
  • In the reading room, listen to the headphones after watching the tape
  • Read the second message to James in Neely’s Bar


  • Do not attempt to heal yourself immediately after receiving damage

Obtaining the Rebirth Ending:

Complete the game once and then collect the following items during a replay game file:

  • White Crimson  – Found in the small Kitchen area of the room containing the coin puzzle in Blue Creep apartment
  • Book of Lost Memories – Found in the newspaper dispenser at the Texxon Gas Station following your meeting with Maria
  • Obsidian Goblet – Found inside a broken display case in the Silent Hill Historical Society, just before you venture down the long flight of steps leading to Toluca Prison.
  • Book of Crimson Ceremony – Found in the reading room after James views the tape

The Rebirth ending will activate as soon as you defeat the final boss.

Obtaining the Dog Ending:

In order to unlock this special ending you must have either seen all three regular endings or viewed the Rebirth ending.

During a replay game file, head over to the area near Jack’s Inn and claim the Dog Key from inside the doghouse. Continue playing the game as normal, and once at the Lake View Hotel (alternate version), head to the Observatory and unlock it using the dog key.

UFO Ending (Greatest Hits version only)

Finish both the main game and Maria’s scenario, and start the main adventure for a second time. Collect the Blue Gem in the bathroom at the beginning of the game and use it in the following places:

  • The garden of Brookhaven Hospital after the boss fight with the hanging corpses
  • In front of the rowing boat following your encounter with Eddie in the meat locker
  • In room 312 before viewing the tape