Silent Hill: Book of Memories infests PS Vita

Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the PlayStation Vita-exclusive entry in the long-running psychological horror franchise, is now available for purchase in North America.

Book of Memories marks a significant departure for Konami’s classic series, offering cooperative multiplayer and RPG elements for the first time.

Players will explore the foggy town’s Otherworld locations and battle against iconic enemies including Pyramid Head while solving brain-teasing puzzles, in an effort to uncover the mysteries behind the Book of Memories.

This mysterious object contains the entire story of an individual’s life, covering everything that has happened to a person up to this point. However, you quickly find out that you can change the past by altering what has been written in the pages of the book, allowing you to weave your own, ideal history.

Konami is planning an extensive DLC schedule for the game, with more information on that expected soon.

Stay tuned to for our review in the near future.