Silent Hill Downpour patch out now

Konami has released a patch for the PlayStation 3 version of psychological horror sequel Silent Hill Downpour.

Originally released in March 2012,  Downpour shipped with a number of niggling issues, all of which now appeared to be rectified via the patch.

The update, available from PlayStation Network, implements the following fixes among others:

-Improved frame rate
-Fixed save game system
-Fixed bugs in ‘Homeless’ side quest/mission
-Several other performance enhancements/bug fixes

Silent Hill Downpour sees convict Murphy Pendleton stranded in the foggy streets of the cursed town after his prison transport crashes outside Silent Hill. Unlike previous games, Downpour features far greater exploration opportunities for players, introducing side quests for the first time within an expansive, pseudo open-world.

It has its shortcomings but overall we came away quite impressed with Vatra Games’ stab at Konami’s classic horror franchise.

Stay tuned to for more details on the Silent Hill series.