Silent Hill: Homecoming cut for Australian release

Silent Hill: Homecoming has been granted release in Australia following publisher Atari’s decision to submit an edited version of the Konami horror title to Australia’s Classification Board.

The game has been awarded a MA15+ rating, the highest currently available in Australia for videogames.

Homecoming was previously refused classification in the territory due to its excessive violent content, which included “high-impact violence, copious blood spray, decapitations, partial corpse dismemberment, and depictions of torture”.

A spokesperson for the board told Edge: “Atari – on its own initiative – resubmitted the game for classification, so essentially it’s not the same game.”

“They’ve made modifications to the game, but the Australian Classification Board is not a censorship board, we don’t say ‘change this and the game will go in’. It’s down to the distributor to make changes and resubmit,” before noting the game will issue consumer advice on “strong horror violence and scenes.”

However, the board was slightly less forthcoming on the exact changes that have been made to the horror title, stating, “such things are not for us to discuss. We don’t look at the differences made between each version; we have to look at each submission on its own,” though concluded by saying the majority of cuts made to games are generally more complex than the removal of a particular scene.

“Context plays an important role,” she said.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is already available in North America, with a UK release scheduled for February 2009, where it will carry a BBFC certificate of 18.