Silent Hill: Homecoming European release pushed back

According to CVG, PlayStation 3’s psycho-chiller Silent Hill: Homecoming will no longer be available this year in Europe. It’s down for release in February 2009 instead.

CVG thinks that localisation demands are to blame, which is annoying — we had hoped the dark old days of staggered global releases were behind us. For shame, Konami. Straight to bed with no supper for you.

Homecoming is the sixth entrant in the Silent Hill series and the first to be developed outside Japan. Despite underwhelming previews, initial reports from North American critics suggest developer Double Helix has made a decent fist of things. Startlingly enough, the game has been banned in Austraila in light of its taste for limb removal and red icky stuff.

PS3 owners at least have the wonderful Siren: Blood Curse to fall back on, but how will Xbox 360 survival horror fans solace themselves over the festive period? We suppose there’s always Dead Space.