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Silent Hill: The Short Message Has Now Passed 2 Million Downloads

Konami has revealed that Silent Hill: The Short Message has now surpassed two million downloads since its launch on the PlayStation Store on January 31.

Announced during State of Play and released soon after the broadcast ended, Silent Hill: The Short Message was previously outed numerous times over the past 18 months or so, popping up on various ratings boards and the like. The game is a short experience that introduces a new character and setting, and is one of many Silent Hill-related projects that Konami is pumping out to reintroduce the game.

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Set in the economically depressed town of Kettenstatdt, Germany, Silent Hill: The Short Message follows trouble teenager Antia as she receives bizarre text messages from her deceased friend, Maya, who committed suicide prior to the games events. The game features music composed by series legend Akira Yamaoka, and was developed by HexaDrive.