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Silent Hill: The Short Message Is A Free Horror Game Out On PS5 Today

Konami has announced that Silent Hill: The Short Message, a free horror title that takes place from a first-person perspective, is going to be available for PS5 later today.

Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rumoured for some time now, pretty much ever since Konami announced its plans to bring back the psychological horror series during a dedicated event in October 2022. It was also rated in Taiwan for PS5 in January 2023.

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Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, the team revealed that Silent Hill: The Short Message originally started out as something of an experiment, to try something different. Konami also partnered up with experienced developers Hexadrive, and it was always planned as a free game given its experimental nature.

We wanted to make a new, modern Silent Hill. As part of that we explored how we could incorporate contemporary problems. We ended up looking at how modern youth communicate online and through phones, and the role that could play in a psychological horror story. For instance, a frightening thing about social media is how even insignificant individual comments can, en masse, build and build until they become this overwhelming wave of hate crashing down on you.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is available to download for PS5 today.