Silent Hills demo P.T. no longer on PlayStation Store servers, now impossible to download

Previously, we reported P.T. was still able to be downloaded or re-downloaded if you claimed the license to it. No longer is that the case as Silent Hills’ “Playable Teaser” has been erased from the PlayStation Store servers themselves.

Numerous people and several publications including IGN and Polygon are confirming the inability to re-download P.T. on their PlayStation 4 console in North America. At time of reporting, residents in Europe or Australia are finding it still possible to re-download, but that is not expected to last.

Last week, the free P.T. was no longer able to be claimed and Konami officially cancelled Silent Hills, the highly-anticipated horror game from film director Guillermo del Toro and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. The Japanese company’s shift away from AAA game projects and a reported falling out with Kojima are speculated to be the reason fro Silent Hills’ demise.