Silent Hills website removes Kojima Productions logo

The official Silent Hills website has removed the logo for Kojima Productions, with only the logo for Kojima-san’s Fox Engine remains on the site. 

GameSpot contacted Konami for an update on the horror title, to which they responded: 

"Konami has switched from a studio-based to a headquarters-based organization, so [Kojima Productions] wouldn’t be listed as a studio anymore. At this time, there are no additional updates to share."

Silent Hills was announced at E3 2014 as a collaborative effort between Hideo Kojima and Hollywood director Guillermo Del Toro. The game is set to star Norman Reedus, best known for his role as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead.

The Kojima Productions’ logo removal comes in light of the recent structural changes at Konami, which has seen all reference to Kojima-san’s studio removed from products in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, as well as the official Koji Pro Twitter being effectively shut down.

Konami released a playable teaser for the project last summer, which has been downloaded over one million times to date. The game will probably not be a PS4-exclusive, however.

Silent Hills has yet to attract a release date and it remains unknown how the on-going issues at Konami have affected development.