Siren returns as episodic manga, confirms Sony Japan

Sony has announced it will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of PlayStation-exclusive horror franchise Siren with the release of a new manga adaptation.

Writing on Twitter, SCEJ confirmed that the magna will be known as Siren: The Call of the Red Sea, and is being penned by series staples Keiichiro Toyama and Naoko Sato.

The Call of the Red Sea will be made available in Japanese publication Shin Mimibukuro Atmos, and is an episodic affair.

Siren (known as Forbidden Siren in the U.K. and Europe) launched in 2003 and spawned a sequel three years later. The franchise was re-imagined in 2008 with the release of the PlayStation Network-exclusive Siren: Blood Curse, an episodic horror adventure available through the PlayStation Store.

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Surprisingly, the series has been on hiatus ever since, and there is currently no news in regards to the development of a new title.

via Gematsu