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Skull & Bones Year 1 Roadmap Revealed For Season 1 -4, Includes New Battles, Events & Sea Monsters

Ubisoft has revealed the Skull & Bones Season 1 roadmap, which covers four season packed with new content including new battles, events, sea monsters and more.

Season 1 is known as Raging Tides and ushers in a battle against Philippe La Peste, and also brings Faction Convoys, Kingpin Tylosaurus, Territory Control, and more. Season 2 — Chorus of Havoc meanwhile adds the Hubac Twins battle, The Megalodon, Fleet Management, and new takeover opportunities.

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Meanwhile, Season 3 — Into the Dragon’s Wake brings a new battle in the form of Li Tian Ning, as well as a Halloween-themed event, a Legendary Sea Monster, fresh World Events, and something listed only as a ‘new major feature.’ Bringing up the rear is Season 4 — Shadows of the Deep adds a new battle against a Mystery Rival, as well as the Lunar Year Event, new World Events, another Legendary Sea Monster, and another ‘major new feature.’

Skull & Bones is launching for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S on February 16, 2024.