Skyrim DLC for PS3 is ‘close’, says Bethesda

The trials and tribulations for gamers who remain loyal to the PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are well-documented. Persistent framerate issues, nasty bugs galore, and the systematic failure of developer Bethesda Game Studios to bring the first two expansions, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, to Sony’s console have made the PS3 port something of an industry laughing-stock. Vague progress updates have made the situation seem all but hopeless, but now it seems that PS3 players may yet receive Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and other DLC after all.

This statement is bold, but backed by a tweet from Bethesda Game Studios earlier this evening. "To update: we’re also close on new Skyrim content for PS3 and PC," said the studio. It’s certainly not much to go on, but ‘close’ is better than ‘This is not a problem we’re confident we can solve’, a quote that distressed the PlayStation Nation back in August.

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via Game Informer