Skyrim PS4 mods: size limit confirmed

Bethesda has revealed how much space gamers will be limited to for The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim – Special Edition’s PlayStation 4 mod support.

Skyrim Special Edition PS4 mods support: How much space do you get?

The publisher confirmed during an online FAQ that PS4 users will have approximately 1GB of space to play around with mod support in the fantasy-RPG; significantly smaller than the Xbox One edition, which offers a meatier 5GB of space.

The disparity between both versions in terms of mod space is evident in Fallout 4 to boot, with the PS4 version offering just 900MB compared to the Xbox One’s 2GB. However, the PS4 version of Skyrim is not allowing mods with external assets, so the space limitation may not be too big of a deal.


Sony was initially blocking Skyrim mods and Fallout 4 mods, although thankfully the issue has since been resolved. Nonetheless, the feature has been a long time coming, having endured months of delays while Xbox One and PC owners have been enjoying the benefits of custom content for Fallout 4. 

Skyrim Special Edition is due out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on October 28, 2016. The game offers the base version of the critically acclaimed 2011 fantasy RPG plus all existing downloadable content, as well as a number of visual improvements. You can see how it’s looking in this Skyrim PS4 gameplay video

Bethesda has recently clapped down on The Elder Scrolls 6 rumors, stating that while the game will happen eventually, it’s not currently in production. Typically, Bethesda rotates between Fallout and Elder Scrolls titles, although in the past we’ve received a new entry in the fantasy series every 4-5 years; clearly, this development cycle is not sustainable for the current generation of hardware.