Skyrim VR release date announced


Skyrim VR release date confirmed, start saving up!

Bethesda has announced a release date for Skyrim VR, confirming the fantasy-RPG will launch for PlayStation VR on November 17, 2017.

In addition, DOOM VFR will be winging its way to Sony’s virtual reality headset on December 1. Unfortunately, while Fallout VR is hitting stores on December 12, it looks like it’s only going to be available for Vive at present, with a PSVR release yet to be confirmed.

Both Skyrim VR and DOOM VFR offer the same content as the original base games, although obviously movement is switched up thanks to the addition of VR, allowing you to teleport instead of walking to a given location.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was originally released for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 in November 2011. The game received three major expansions—Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn—and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide as of November 2016, making it the second best-selling game in the company’s history behind Fallout 4.

Last year, Bethesda remastered the critically acclaimed RPG for modern home consoles, with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition hitting PS4 and Xbox One, featuring the base game and all expansions. 

DOOM meanwhile shipped for PS4, PC, and Xbox One in May 2016, and was originally titled DOOM 4 before the project was rejigged for current-generation consoles.