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Smite Update 11.60 Patch Notes Confirmed, Adds Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Content

Developer Hi-Rez Studios has released the Smite update 11.60 patch notes for your consumption, which adds the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Pass among other additions.

Smite Update 11.60 Patch Notes

Battle Pass: TMNT (750 Gems)

Battle Pass: TMNT Plus (1350 Gems)


Leonardo Osiris Skin

Raphael Loki Skin

Michelangelo Mercury Skin

Donatello Sun Wukong Skin

Radical Leonardo Osiris Skin

Radical Raphael Loki Skin

Radical Michelangelo Mercury Skin

Radical Donatello Sun Wukong Skin

Donatello Avatar

Raphael Avatar

Leonardo Avatar

Splinter Avatar

Shredder Avatar

April O’Neil Avatar

Foot Clan Avatar

Casey Jones Avatar

Bebop & Rocksteady Avatar

Raphael Announcer Pack

Michelangelo Announcer Pack

Donatello Announcer Pack

Turtle Power Loading Frame

Turtle Power Loading Screen

Turtle Van Loading Screen

Splinter Loading Screen

Shredder Loading Screen

Sewer Pizza Jump Stamp

Turtle Balloon Ward Skin

Mouser Ward Skin

Turtle Power Level Up Skin

Shredder Death Stamp

10,000 Odyssey Points TOTAL (Premium and Prestige)


Michelangelo Avatar

Krang Avatar

TMNT Global Emote

Leonardo Announcer Pack

Radical Player Title

30,000 Odyssey Points TOTAL (Free and Prestige)



Celestial Domination

Teams with only 1 Capture Point will now continue to deduct tickets from an enemy team, although at a lesser rate than owning 2 or more points.

Decreased the overall sources of XP on the map, as players were far outleveling their item builds.

Decreased “Recharge” time after a Djinn is killed from 30s to 5s.


Early Surrender was added to SMITE as a quality of life feature, so that in cases where—whether due to user’s wi-fi, their ISP, or the SMITE servers—a teammate was gone long enough that it wasn’t fair to play it out, all players in the match could get into a healthier game as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, some players have been abusing this to dodge what they perceived to be losing matches based on pre-10m gameplay. While the regrettable truth is that the harsher we make the DC penalty to prevent this abuse, the harsher the effects on those players who were actually DC’d, it’s clear that this abuse case has caused too much frustration to leave unchanged. Hopefully this will put a stop to that intentional misuse, but we will continue to keep an eye on it, and in the meantime if you feel like a player is intentionally abusing the system, please report them and our support team will investigate and take punitive action.

In games where Early Surrender is used, the players who triggered the Early Surrender by DCing will be given a deserter penalty.


All abilities and items that apply healing % changes – for increasing or decreasing healing – will now affect all forms of healing

lifesteal, ability healing, item heals, relic heals, potions, HP5, jungle buffs


Various ability text was fixed for numerical errors, grammatical errors, clarifying effects, adding mentions of CC Immunity, or other issues.


Ne Zha

Sun Wukong














Jing Wei

Mantle of Discord

Stone of Gaia


Defined by a gradual dragging effect on gods that pulls them toward a source location

Poseidon Whirlpool

Hades Pillar of Agony

Baron Life of the Party

Susano Typhoon



Odyssey Points will now show up in players notifications and acquisitions UI

Fixed the sorting issues for players on Ranked leaderboards for Masters and Grandmasters

Fixed an issue where some Quests were missing text



Fixed an issue where Cthulhu couldn’t be Rented


Fixed an issue where Serrated Edge would not trigger when Susano’s Storm Kata was on cooldown

Da Ji

Fixed an issue where Da Ji would teleport high into the air when targeting an Ultimate State Cthulhu with her ability 3, trickster spirit


Fixed an issue where enemies recently revived by Khepri Ultimate could get stuck when being hit by Heimdallr Ult


Fixed an issue where enemies recently revived by Khepri Ultimate could get stuck when being hit by Heimdallr Ult


Fixed an issue where buying and using Arondight could break the visual FX of Loki’s stealth

Fixed an issue where Loki’s Diamond and Legendary skin’s card art would not show properly on certain screens


Fixed an issue where the god card for his Tier 5 skin would not show properly on certain screens


Fixed an issue where acorns glow FX would sometimes persist at Ratatoskr’s death locations

Fixed an issue where using the undo button in the shop could remove Ratatoskr’s acorn visual FX


Fixed an issue where Thor could sometimes be pulled by abilities even when outside the area if he had recently teleported to his hammer


Fixed an issue where Set could sometimes be pulled by abilities even when outside the area if he had recently teleported to his sand clones

King Arthur

Fixed an issue where, if Arthur changes stance while Crippled, his abilities affected by Cripple would not show

Baba Yaga

Fixed an issue where the first throw of her Ultimate at all ranks was not properly synced with Animation

Fixed an issue where ranks 1-4 of her ultimate had slight delay on each fire that was not intended

Bacchus Blobchus

Fixed an issue where taunts and jokes werent playing when tipsy or drunk

Cu Chulainn

Fixed an issue where his Berserk Ability 1 could have the hit area and visual FX desync if rotating while firing it.

Jing Wei

Fixed an issue where persistent gust’s deployable would be destroyed if Jing Wei was cc’d shortly after it was fired.

This fix already went live in The Trickster God Update

The Morrigan

Fixed an issue where her clone spawned from ability 3 would look like it’s providing enemies with a stack of Ethereal Staff, even though it does not provide a stack

Fixed an issue where The Morrigan would not be hit by certain AoE effects when exiting her Ultimate State within the area

Fixed an issue where The Morrigan Ult was giving unintended extra stacks on Charon’s Coin


Charged Bow

Now shows stacks to indicate when its passive will trigger, like Odysseus’s Bow

Potion of Power

Fixed an issue where this item visual FX would reply on stance changers every time they changed stance


Fixed an issue with text that still referenced Masamune

Rod of Healing

Fixed an issue where the passive was providing more healing than intended

Silverbranch Bow

Fixed an issue where players with this item would lose attack speed instead of stacks when hit by attack speed slows

Players with stacks from Silverbranch bow will now lose stacks from attack speed slows first, then actual attack speed if the slow outweighs the overcap stacks.




For many relics, the effect of stacking multiple relics doesn’t provide additional benefit; and this is especially true of buffs for teammates. The block stacks stacking while the shield did not seems unintuitive and difficult for enemy teams to keep track of. Block Stacks from Upgraded Shell will no longer stack.

Block Stacks from this item no longer stack with multiple fires of the relic

Should be noted that the shield from this relic never has stacked, and will continue to not stack


With a new Season on the horizon and many items being adjusted, we are looking to round out a few smaller issues before the World Championships. The first step we are taking is a small protections buff to the early game for Supports. Duo lane can be punishing, and we want Supports to feel sufficiently tanky. This obviously doesn’t help them from being shredded by high pen builds in the late game but it does help Supports progress through a match more safely, which should give them an edge as the game goes on.

Increased Magical and Physical Protections from 5 to 10


The legendary Arthurian item for mages received a lot of hype on release, but has since fallen off. Its special effect can be difficult to use optimally, and its stats just don’t feel like they fit the cost. We are making this item slightly more affordable to make it a more viable Mage build pickup.

Decreased Cost from 3000 to 2800



The goddess of night is a popular topic for balance discussion. Nox’s kit focuses on all-in gameplay and heavy lockdown, making her a rather unique mage. Her high amount of CC has often been a limiting factor for her, as buffing overall damage or ease of use on the kit would likely cause frustrations. After much deliberation and statistical review, we are looking to bolster Nox’s laning potential as a way of bringing the goddess into a more competitive spot. Her Shadow Lock ability will now be able to deal a small amount of damage to minions as it passes through them. This gives Nox more efficient lane clear, but more importantly gives her more decisions to make in the laning phase on how to pressure her opponents.


A01 now deals pass through damage on minions 50/85/120/155/190 + 40%

As this ability is now able to hit multiple targets, its lifesteal multiplier is being decreased from 100% to 33%


By popular community demand, the goddess of wisdom will have a cleaving basic attack in her hit chain. Athena’s balance has been in a great spot over the years, where she never felt oppressive but always felt relevant. However, she has slowly dropped off over time and now we can feel comfortable applying some buffs. This change should help her early lane clear or her jungle flex potential, and will feel more fitting for the animation of the attack.


The final Basic Attack of her hit chain will now Cleave


When you play Bacchus you’re here to party. Unfortunately, chug doesn’t feel great to rank up and the buff from it feels lackluster. We want Bacchus players to chug right before they engage in combat, so we are adding an extra Magical Power buff to the effect. This should have our big boy swinging hard on his enemies like the good old days.


Now provides Bacchus with a Buff of 0/7/14/21/28/35 Magical Power per rank

Decreased Mana Cost from 40/45/50/55/60 mana to 40 at all ranks


The goddess of war is notoriously tricky to buff, being able to quickly overtake a meta when even slightly too strong. With this in mind we looked to make changes to Bellona to improve her flexibility. Her mana costs often interfere with her ability to swap to the right weapon for the correct situation. This change will help her box without pushing her to be too intense.


Decreased Mana Cost from 75 to 60


Decreased Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 to 60/65/70/75/80


What do you give the god who seemingly has it all but can’t quite break into the meta? When looking at Chaac’s kit on paper we see strong damage output, self sustain, debuffing zone control, and impactful CC. Chaac is already putting up some decent casual stats so we are being measured with our buffs. In this pass we are making the self buff aspect of his Torrent much more relevant. Many players overlook this feature of his kit entirely, and this should help him stay alive in extended fights. We will be keeping a close eye on this god as we see constant community outcry for him to make more competitive appearances.


Increased Protection Buff Duration from 4s to 6s

Hitting a god with Torrent now provides 2 Protection Buff stacks


This change is a long time coming. It was discussed with Olympians at the Season 6 Summit, but Da Ji’s meta position was too high for a change. Currently, this ability has some very interesting per rank scaling that causes it to feel bad in the early game. We are increasing the rank 1 damage considerably, while decreasing the per rank increase and the late game base damage. This change is intended to be a buff so that base damage loss is being compensated with a Physical Scaling Buff.


Adjusted Damage from 15/40/65/90/115 to 25/45/65/85/105 per hit

(60/160/260/360/460 to 100/180/260/340/420 total, hits 4 times)

Increased Physical Power Scaling from 30% to 35% per hit

(120% to 140% total, hits 4 times)


The goddess of magic was a force to be reckoned with earlier this year, which led to a long series of nerfs. With other meta and item changes we can now clearly see that those nerfs were too much, and we are slowly reverting them. Wing Gust needs a high top end damage to be worth the channel time and positional risk, so we are bringing that back in this update.


Increased Magical Power Scaling from 35% to 40% of your magical power per hit


Lately the Danger noodle is too much noodle, not enough danger. Jormungandr had a huge arrival on the battleground, causing a lot of disruption to the meta and dominating Solo Lane for months. Considerable nerfs were applied over time and now Jorm is clearly looking underpowered. His damage potential tends to be a frustration point so we are looking to buff his utility instead. Submerge is getting a lower cooldown and stronger CC to make sure Jorm can impact a fight in more ways than just dealing damage.


Increased knock up height from 300 to 375

Decrease cooldown from 18s to 16s


Our quest continues to bring Medusa up to a point of competitive viability. Acid Spray doesn’t rank up in damage very well, but Medusa needs to tank this first anyway. We are increasing the base damage per rank to make sure Medusa can clear waves effectively as she transitions from the early game to mid game.


Increased Base Damage from 90/135/180/225/270 to 90/140/190/240/290


After a Heroic launch, Mulan has settled in nicely into the ranks of the SMITE gods. She feels viable without being frustrating, and brings fast paced combat and flexibility to the Warrior class. Her Ultimate, however, has a strangely long cooldown for the effects, and is being toned down slightly to better fit within the scope.


Decreased Cooldown from 100s to 90s at all ranks


The new backflip timing is feeling great, but we have received feedback that the mana cost is rather archaic and punishing. We are bringing this down to match Neith’s more modern gameplay goals.


Decreased Mana from 70/80/90/100/110 mana to 60/65/70/75/80


The Allfather was another strong rework that led to slight overnerfing. We are reverting one of those nerfs to Gungnir’s Might’s base damage which should help his early clear and solo lane potential. Bastet, who was reworked at the same time, is also being considered for more significant changes in the future.


Increased Pulse Damage from 20/40/60/80/100 to 25/45/65/85/105 per hit

(60/120/180/240/300 to 75/135/195/255/315 total, hits 3 up to 3 times)


The Earth Mother is continuing her transformation from true support to bruiser. Terra was originally thought of as a more protective Guardian, but as her pro gameplay and balance progressed we started to see her played more aggressively and even in Solo Lane. We are adding cleave attacks to all of her punches only when her passive is active. This adds a unique management component to her deployables, and bolsters her early game which tends to be awkward until she has all of her abilities ranked for shatter combos.


Terra Now gains cleave basic attacks on her entire hit chain while this passive ability is active


A buff shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Well Vulcan is missing those limbs and there isn’t much we can do about that, but we can buff his Ultimate. This ability has insane long range snipe potential, but feels far too weak when used at closer ranges. We are increasing the floor on the damage curve to make this ability more useful in a wider range of situations.


Increased Damage at close range from 60% to 75% of the max dmg


The Mayan hero twin has had some very interesting balance developments over the past season. After some interesting changes in the past Season Xbalanque has settled into the lower end of the Hunter roster. With Branching Bolas and his Ultimate now feeling to be at great spots, we looked at his movement ability. Rising Jaguar used to be a key source of damage in the old days, but has crazy low scaling for today’s standards. We are increasing this damage scaling by a considerable amount to give Xbal more options in combat.


Increase Physical Power Scaling from 30% to 50%


He might not be getting another skin yet but he is getting a buff. Zhong Kui is surprisingly underperforming in a meta where solo lane mages have been quite potent. Zhong is intentionally designed with slightly lower damage traded for tankier stats, but his damage numbers looked surprisingly low in a few places, even for a solo lane mage. We are buffing a base damage and a scaling effect in his kit to bring his damage up across multiple build paths or roles.


Increased Base Damage from 60/115/170/225/280 to 80/135/190/245/300


Increased Magical Power Scaling from 20% to 25% per tick

(100% to 125% total, hits 5 times)




This Relic can no longer be activated while under the effect of Crowd Control


Many of the healing items had descriptions adjusted to be more consistent

Items / Abilities that affect all forms of healing as stated in the patch notes should read

Increase or Reduce Healing by X%

Items / Abilities that affect only specific forms of healing will be stated directly in the text. For Example:

Cerberus Passive – Spirit of Death

Does not steal HP5 (although he does reduce it)

Cursed Ankh Upgrade

Debuff only applies to enemy gods healed by abilities (although healing reduction applies to all types)

Fixed an issue where Order Minions could take unintended pathing when trying to attack the Chaos Titan


Increased the movement speed bonus that Speed buff provides from 5% to 15%

Updated all camps to use Conquest-style buffs for faster pickup

Added minimap pre-timers to buff camps

Fixed a few areas around the Capture Points where collision extended beyond the environment art


SK Gaming Merlin has had more SK logos added to the spell FX.