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Smite Update 11.99 Adds Transformers Collaboration, New Items

Hi-Rez Studios has unleashed the Smite update 11.99 patch notes for you to digest, and there’s a lot to take in, with the update including an assortment of new items as well as the Transformers collaboration. Read up on the latest Smite patch notes below.

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November 16 – 8.11 TRANSFORMERS Update


Digital Loot Pack

Odyssey: Perilous Seas Continues

Winter wonderland Chest

Battle Pass

TRANSFORMERS Battle Pass (750 Gems)

TRANSFORMERS Battle Pass Plus (1450 Gems)

Paid Track Items:

Geb Optimus Prime

Jing Wei Starscream

Ra Megatron

Bumblebee Avatar

Megatron Announcer Pack

Autobots vs. Decepticons Loading Frame

Cybertron Pedestal

Cybertron Ward Skin

Teleport Grid Recall Skin

Cybertronian Level Up Skin

Starscream Announcer Pack

Grimlock Dino Avatar

Universal Greetings Global Emote

Kremzeek Ward

Transformers Jump Stamp

Insecticon Avatar

…and more!

Prestige Track Items:

Geb G1 Optimus Prime

Jing Wei G1 Starscream

Ra G1 Megatron

Matrix of Leadership Avatar

Megatron Avatar

Transformers Loading Screen

Optimus Prime Avatar

Autobots vs. Decepticons Loading Screen

Planet Unicron Avatar

Sharkticon Avatar

Starscream Avatar

G1 Transformers Loading Screen

…and more!

Free Track Items:

Cybertron Avatar

More than meets the Eye Global Emote

Optimus Prime Announcer Pack

Cybertronian Player Title

…and more!

Quality of Life


NEW Ranked Conquest Draft System: All Ban

This new Draft System will apply only to Ranked Conquest mode for Keyboard + Mouse and Controller queues

It will not be applied to any competitive play

It will also be a custom draft type option: All Ban

All “Bank Time” has been removed

Planning Phase – 30 Seconds

The first phase before bans, returns to SMITE

Each player will be able to mark up to one god they intend to pick, to show to their team mates

They can also show up to one god they suggest their team should ban

Players can also use this time to attempt to trade roles

Ban Phase – 30 Seconds

All 5 players on each team will get to ban 1 god at the start of the draft

Opponents bans will not be revealed until after every ban is locked or the time expires

Duplicate bans can occur (Order and Chaos team each ban the same god)

Picks – 20 Seconds each with NO bank time

This will follow the same pick order as previous

Order – 1st Pick

Chaos – 1st and 2nd Picks

Order – 2nd and 3rd Picks

Chaos – 3rd and 4th Picks

Order – 4th and 5th Picks

Chaos – 5th Pick

Trade Phase – 30s

Launch Phase – 10s


Players can now see their allies’ Relic cooldowns on the scoreboard

Updated God Leaderboards Formula (OLYMPIAN)

Wins at higher MMR ranked matches will now count for more MMR on the god leaderboards (high rank players should be able to reach higher tiers of the god leaderboards more easily)

Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue where the UI would prevent relics from being Purchased, Sold, or Undone (Shipped in an earlier hotfix)

Updated the ranked queue text to describe the Ranked Requirements that were recently added. As a reminder the new requirements are :


20 Owned Gods at level 2 mastery or greater

30 PvP Normal Conquest Matches played


14 Owned Gods at level 2 mastery or greater.

30 PvP Normal Joust Matches played


No requirement changes to be updated.

General Gameplay


Fixed an issue where there was some invisible collision that would block attacks.



Fixed an issue where she could get stuck in walls (shipped in an earlier hotfix)

Decreased the volume of the sound effects on her first ability for Cliodhna and her Allies


Fixed an issue where his acorn glow could be seen from long distances and through walls


Fixed an issue on the Omniscient Oracle skin where the additional chained hits of Chain Lightning played no audio

Jing Wei

Fixed an issue where the camera would make an unintended jump during her ultimate

Fixed an issue where a muzzle flash FX would play after landing


Ra’s Ultimate will now always be visible to all players, at any distance (not through walls)

Fixed an issue where Ra’s Divine Light would deal damage but not slow and blind if it detonated when he was banished or knocked up


Fixed an issue where shockwave could sometimes miss targets who were standing in the area and jump spamming


Fixed an issue where Susano’s other abilities would not trigger item effects if used while Susano’s Storm Kata 2nd or 3rd strike were still active

Baba Yaga

Baba can no longer stack Gem of Focus quickly through changing potions


Fixed an issue where Gungnir’s Might had the wrong text for its Mana cost


Fixed an issue where Assassinate had the wrong text for its Mana cost


Fixed an issue where if Set gets interrupted during the startup of a teleport to his clone, he wouldnt be able to use sandstorm until he does teleport.


Fixed an issue where he was glowing CC immune at unintended times during his ultimate.

Ao Kuang

Fixed an issue where he was glowing CC immune at unintended times during his ultimate.


Manikin Hidden Blade (OLYMPIAN)

Fixed text to read current health damage to bosses, not max

Fixed an issue where this did not always deal the right amount damage to bosses

Bumbas Dagger (OLYMPIAN)

No longer provides a flat heal for destroying enemy towers/phoenixes

Hide of the Nemean Lion

Fixed description to be more clear and consistent that the bonus comes from your Protections from items and abilities


Fixed description to be more clear and consistent that the bonus comes from your Protections from items and abilities

Balance Live With The TRANSFORMERS Update

Game Modes:

Corrupted Arena Returns!

It will be its own Queue

Or can be chosen as a game mode for custom games

Slash Game Mode Update

SLASH will now be launching in 9.1 with the arrival of the new season of SMITE

Thanks so much for your patience. We know the community has been anticipating this mode and we want to make sure we take the time to do it right!


Increased the amount of time at the start of the match (from when players spawn in until minion spawn) by 5 seconds

Added a Goldfinch character and nest to the environment near the Gold Fury objective as a memorial to John Finch

More details can be seen here.