SMITE’s second birthday – PS4 players get big discounts and bonuses too

Currently in its open beta phase on PS4, Hi-Rez Studios’ SMITE has actually turned two today having launched on PC in 2014. The fact that the third person multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) hasn’t officially released on Sony’s console yet hasn’t stopped the developer from offering some sweet deals to celebrate.

The SMITE PlayStation 4 Founder’s Pack will be 50% off for one week only, and includes the full game, an exclusive skin, 400 gems, and all current and future Gods. Those currently playing in the PS4 alpha phase can also enjoy a week’s worth of bonuses, including:

Tuesday 3/22 – 3x Worshipers
Wednesday 3/23 – Double FWOTD Bonus
Thursday 3/24 – Icon Sale 50% Off
Friday 3/25 – 1 FWOTD Cutesy Thor Icon
Saturday 3/26 – 2x Everything
Sunday 3/27– 3 FWOTD SMITE Chest Roll
Monday 3/28 – Voice Pack Sale 50% Off

Gems are also 33% off this week!

If you’re wondering what on earth we’re talking about, check out the gameplay video below.