Sniper Elite 4 trailer – release date and Season Pass details

sniper elite 4 ps4

Rebellion Entertainment has released the official launch trailer for the upcoming World War II-based shooter, Sniper Elite 4.

In addition, the studio also confirmed details on the game’s Season Pass, which features 12 DLC drops including a mission known as Fuhrer, where sharpshooter Karl Fairburne tracks down Adolf Hitler on board a German U-Boat. There’s also a three-part story which depicts Fairburne escaping Italy.

Aside from new missions, the Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass includes additional weapons, skins, and playable characters for the shooter’s multiplayer and co-op components. New maps and modes will be made available for free, however, so you won’t need to fork out for the £29.99 Season Pass if you fancy getting your hands on those pieces of content only. 

Sniper Elite 4 PS4 hands-on preview

Sniper Elite 4 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 14, 2017. The game takes place in Italy in the year 1943, and sees protagonist Fairburne helping out the local resistance against the Nazi invaders. This time around however there’s more emphasis on exploration, as the game’s levels have been expanded considerably, offering mini-sandboxes for players to tackle their objectives in any way they see fit. 

Rebellion confirmed last week that the game will support PS4 Pro. Stay tuned for our Sniper Elite 4 review next week. Check out the launch trailer below.