SNOW PS4 beta release date – Snowboarding confirmed and PlayStation VR support touted

The closed beta for Poppermost Studios’s upcoming skiing and snowboarding game, SNOW, will launch on PS4 in the Spring.

In an interview with Red Bull, Poppermost also confirmed that if the PS4 version is successful then an Xbox One port is not out of the question.

Poppermost said:

“We hope to launch a Closed Beta on PS4 in early spring. Now that SNOW is in Open Beta on PC, we can start to focus more on the PS4 version. We have a working build and have shown it at a few shows, but needed the extra time to make sure it was optimised for a console launch.

If SNOW is successful on PS4, we will of course look into an Xbox One launch. We love the Xbox but had to focus on one platform at the time due to our limited resources.”


The Swedish studio also confirmed that it is considering PlayStation VR support, stating:

"We see a great potential for VR in SNOW and will try to support all the different VR devices on PC and PS4, as soon as they are released to the public.”

The PC closed beta for SNOW has apparently been successful with more than 100,000 players taking to the slopes.

Currently, the game caters for 10 players on a server and features in-game drones and a video editing mode.

SNOW currently only features skiing, but by the time the PS4 closed beta kicks off it’s expected that snowboarding will have been added.