Sony and IBM having Cell troubles?

Sony may be having difficulties trying to reach the perfect balance of cost, processing power, and system stability for the PS3 Cell chip.

The Cell that Sony is apparently aiming to use in the PS3 is similar to the chip shown when it debuted earlier this month, featuring between 6 and 8 synergistic processing units (SPUs), the subchips which give the Cell its oomph.

Up to now, most speculated that the PS3's Cell would feature around 4 SPUs, meaning that Sony is really working hard to make sure that their next console positively screams. But at what cost? Literally? And will it be ready in time for E3?

Reportedly IBM has been struggling as of late to fabricate a chip for the PS3 that features 8 SPUs. Is Sony aiming too high? Is IBM just not trying hard enough? Will the abundance of processing power be worth the cost, and will developers ever utilize the technology to the fullest?