Sony comments on exclusive 360 GTA IV content

Scott Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), has downplayed Microsoft’s exclusive episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV, suggesting a “large percentage” of consumers are unlikely to fork out of the extra material initially.

Speaking to GameDaily, Steinberg commented, "Perhaps [Microsoft will be] shipping some episodic content in the fall, but there is a whole lot of product shipping on the PS3 in April and I personally don’t think there’s going to be a huge percentage of folks who [will] jump into downloadable content for another price when they’re still playing through the core product.”

"So while I do think having that brand on their system was a move for them which they felt they needed to make because they cut a big cheque for it, I think PlayStation fans know the Grand Theft Auto experience on the PS2 is how they grew up playing Grand Theft Auto.”

Steinberg also said that the influx of several high profile software releases over the next few months is likely to sway consumer interest in favour of the PlayStation 3, adding, "When you combine GTA IV with MGS 4 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue – all the exclusive content that we’ve got going forward – I think that goes from tipping point to shoving point for consumers who are on the fence.”